What has happened so far with the health

I have high blood pressure - runs in my family.  I take medication to handle it, but very stressful days - like the past two weeks, yesterday, and this morning, can cause it to spike.  

There is no doubt in my mind the stress is worth it, but you knew that. 

Suspecting my blood pressure was “a little elevated” I tested it at the supermarket.  It showed that I had high stage II hypertension.  The pharmacist told me to call my doctor.  My doctor told me to call urgent care.  Urgent care told me to go to the emergency room. So did Prof. Lessig.

And mostly, it was just waiting, lying down, in a dark room.  For about eight hours, while I pretty much just waited. 

The only reason I could relax is because you guys were so awesome and able to help pull things together when I couldn’t be there. 

I’m going to get some rest now. Tonight Aaron Lifshin is handling the site migration; and there are some clever people thinking of even cleverer solutions than I could have alone.  In a way, this was a HUGE blessing in disguise because it brought so many smart people together to the point where this site will run way better than I could have done alone. 

— BB